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Bonded NdFeB

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Neodymium magnets (NdFeB) have been available for industrial application since 1984. Neo magnets have extremely high magnetic energy and therefore are used in applications which require high powered magnets, as well as applications where size and weight reduction are of interest or need to be considered. These qualities have made NdFeb magnets preferable over the commonly used larger and less powerful Ferrite magnets.

The main raw materials NdFeB permanent magnets are rare earth metal-Neodymium (Nd) 32%,metal element Iron (Fe) 64% and nonmetal element Boron(B) 1% , and some small amount added Dysprosium (Dy), Terbium(Tb), Cobalt (Co), Niobium(Nb),Gallium (Ga),Aluminum (Al),Copper (Cu) and other elements. Ternary system neodymium permanent materials are of Nd2Fe14B compound as a matrix, its compositions should be similar with the molecular formula of compound Nd2Fe14B, but, when it is proportioning according to the composition of Nd2Fe14B compound, the magnet performances are very low, and even without magnetic, just on the actual magnets, when the content of neodymium and boron are more than on Nd2Fe14B compound, we can get the better permanent magnet performances.

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